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International journal of rehabilitation research: The official journal of the European Federation for Research in Rehabilitation

Año 2005. Número 28 (1)

Original articles
Would discussion on patients' needs add value to the rehabilitation process?
Liu, Karen P.Y. 1; Chan, Chetwyn C.H. 1; Chan, Fong pp 2
Can the back-to-work rate of patients with long-term non-malignant pain be predicted?
Norrefalk, Jan-Rickard; Svensson, Ola; Ekholm, Jan; Borg, Kristian pp 9

Exercise training to improve motor performance in chronic stroke: effects of a community-based exercise program
Lourencao, Maria Ines P. 1; Battistella Leroux, Alain pp 17
Analysis of the results of functional electrical stimulation on hemiplegic patients' upper extremities using the Minnesota manual dexterity test
Linamara R. 1; Martins, Lourdes C. 2; Litvoc, Julio 3 pp 25

Disability pension despite vocational rehabilitation? A study from six social insurance offices of a county
Ahlgren, Asa 1 2; Broman, Lisbet 2; Bergroth, Alf 1; Ekholm, Jan 2 pp 33
Efficacy of leisure intervention groups and their impact on quality of life among people with spinal cord injury
Daniel, Anna; Manigandan, C. pp 43

Reliability and construct validity studies of an obstacle course assessment of wheelchair user performance
Routhier, Francois 1 2 3; Desrosiers, Johanne 4 5; Vincent, Claude 1 2; Nadeau, Sylvie 6 7 pp 49

Brief research reports
Characteristics of traumatic spinal cord injuries in south-eastern Anatolia, Turkey: a comparative approach to 10 years' experience
Gur, Ali; Kemaloglu, M. Serdar; Cevik, Remzi; Sarac, A. Jale; Nas, Kemal; Kapukaya, Ahmet; Sahin, Hasan; Guloglu, Cahfer; Bakir, Abdurrahman pp 57

Alternative Web Access toolKit for impaired users
Zato, Jose G.; Wagner, Thomas; Barrasa, Jesus; Rodriguez, Eric pp 63

Assessment of activity of elderly people using a home monitoring system
Chan, Marie; Campo, Eric; Esteve, Daniel pp 69

Preliminary study to evaluate the validity of the mini-mental state examination in a normal population in Turkey
Kucukdeveci, Ayse A.; Kutlay, Sehim; Elhan, Atilla H.; Tennant, Alanpp pp 77

Thoracolumbar corsets alter breathing pattern in normal individuals
Puckree, Threethambal; Amy Lauten, Vareshree; Moodley, Shivani; Naidoo, Jasantha; Ramsammy, Kubashai pp 81

Perspectives on disability in Afghanistan and their implications for rehabilitation services
Armstrong, Jo; Ager, Alastair pp 87
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